Monday, 27 October 2008

Here's looking at you, Kid

Dance-music icons and all-round studly stylecats Kid Kenobi and MC Shureshock decked themselves in EC for a recent photoshoot. Kenobi is in our black Nouveauhemian jeans while Shureshock is running with the same style in raw indigo. Shureshock has also gone with the Tree of Wife tee and Fahrenheit hoodie....well played sir.

And here is a quick snap of Kid Kenobi pondering over his morning coffee just how sexy he looks in his jeans.

The boys have a big summer ahead of them. For all their freshest tunes and upcoming gigs slam your cursor over here or here.

EC - Satisfying like caffeine (and twice as addictive)

Monday, 20 October 2008

Counting down to November 24th...

EC - The rapping hobo at the start of this video is my Dad. He's pretty good huh??

Friday, 17 October 2008

Gervais on Genesis

It's Friday. We all deserve a bit of a laugh to get us in the right mood for the weekend ahead. So here are some insights from the messiah of comedy - Ricky Gervais. Dig in.

EC - Enjoy irresponsibly

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Shop Deux gets props from Urban Talkabout

We'd just like to quickly give some love to Melissa and Nicole at Shop Deux. Their classy little establishment has just been identified by fashion authority Urban Talkabout as one of the hottest new boutiques in Sydney. Located on William Street in Paddington (just off Oxford Street, up from the Nudie store), they got this spiel in Urban Talkabout's October / November issue:

"Shop Deux has newly opened its doors and represents Australia’s newest talents. With everything from casual wear to high end street wear for men and women, find the freshest fashion available. Stocking - Soto Smith, Spunky Bruiser, Perspective Apparel, Yu Couture, Eleventh Commandment and Laundry Monster. 11 William Street, Paddington."

If you haven't visited Deux you should really question what you are doing with your life.

EC - Doing it for the kids

Friday, 10 October 2008

Blouse party tonight

So our friends at Blouse are putting on a party at The Cross tonight. But not just any party. The bash will be a combined effort between some of the most respected music bloggers the interweb has to offer. With the likes of Blouse, HaveJesseClub, Andy Delicious and Vivi Not Disco all taking part it'll be like when the Planeteers combine their powers, except without the environmental awareness or Captain Planet's spectacular green mullet. Get involved.

EC - Our chain hangs low