Sunday, 28 March 2010

New proddy ya'hear?!

We've just dropped some fresh new styles. Not for any real reason. Just cos we can.

Check it ouuuuutttt....

(You can click any image to take you through to the relevant product in the online store):

The WONDERLAND print. Printed on the inside of the garment for an extra-faded appearance. Available on tees (white only) / men's singlets (white only) / women's singlets (white only).

The QUESTIFIX print. The Eleventh Commandment tee form. The black garments with this design are printed with a discharge process which actually sucks the colour out of the garment as opposed to adding ink over the top. Available on tees (black and white) / men's singlets (black and white) / women's singlets (black and white).

The GLASS HALF FULL print. We're all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars. Available on tees (black and white) / men's singlets (black and white) / women's singlets (black and white).

We've also just dropped our new NAVAHO jeans. These are constructed with a black distressed denim and white stitching. Available sizes 26 - 32. And they'll only set you back a mere $120 bones.

Finally we have dug up a single pair of our men's RHAPSODY IN BLUE jeans. These sold out very quickly when we produced them and we have no plans for repeating them at this stage. But we do have one pair available in size 30 so if you're keen on them I'd jump in quick because they won't hang around for long.

And as always we will happily refund or exchange your garment within seven days if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase. Bon a petit.

EC - Style is a Language

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

add WOW! to Your Wardrobe

This Saturday we're taking part in the second chapter of the 'add WOW! to your wardrobe' series of fashion showcases. There will be catwalk shows, burlesque dancers, discounts, drinks and a few other surprises. You can rsvp now for free entry or it'll be $20 on the door if you arrive after 6pm on the night. Pretty easy decision really...

EC - Style is a Language

Lunatics Round 2 winner!!

We received some brilliant images for Round 2 of our Lunatics comp, thanks to everyone that got involved. But there can only be one winner and to be honest the winning entry really made us lose our shit. So without further adieu...

Third place: Cailin claims bronze with this photo featuring our black women's Krunk It Out singlet.

Second place: Congrats to Joel for this image, which we like to think was snapped during some kind of impromtu kabuki fashion show. Joel is in our black men's Hedonist singlet.

First place: Holy shit this photo cracked us up. Featuring our Country Girl tee, Gingham Ain't Easy tee and Vapour jeans, congrats to George for this pic which earns him a $200 gift voucher to spend in our online store. Looks like a better prize would prize would be a $200 gift voucher to use at Sorbent or maybe Huggies. Oh well...shit happens.

Thanks again to everyone that sent in photos. We will launch another round of Lunatics midway through the year so that gives you plenty of time to come up with some good ideas and make sure you've got your photos ready for Round 3.

EC - Style is a Language

Friday, 19 March 2010

This new technology

Yesterday I ran really late for a meeting because I couldn't get my stupid printer to work. I finally gave up and went without the graphics I needed which pretty much soiled the meeting anyway. When I got back the graphics were sitting neatly in the printer tray...all ready to go...about two hours too late. Fuck technology.

EC - Style is a Language

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Final reductions

We had a fantastic response to our end of summer sale, thanks everyone for getting involved. We've just got a handful of items remaining that we're looking to clear out to make space for winter stock.

Tees, singlets, jeans and hoodies have all been reduced in the online store with selected women's singlets starting from $10 + postage and tees starting from $20 + postage (or free postage when purchased with any other garment).

These won't last long. Go have a poke around.

Buying things on the cheap makes you a good decision maker, as opposed to Ana, who probably didn't make the best decision about her numberplate when buying her new Lexus.

EC - Style is a Language

Monday, 15 March 2010

Heartbeat - A Party By Jake

The boys from Canberra crew Party By Jake have been throwing some insane bashes lately. With a mission to fuse music and fashion they're doing some rad things for ACT nightlife. The last two gigs have featured Pete Versus Toby and MyPetsQuare and now we have been invited to get involved with April's event. There will be giveaways and discounts for everyone attending, as well as some killer tunes pumping all night from the likes of Cassian, Princi and Get Stellar.

We have also taken the liberty of hand-writing the best and worst pick-up lines we know on all the discount cards so you have no excuse for not cracking onto that hottie you've been eyeing. You don't even have to talk to them, just hand them the card and you're guaranteed to get laid. Or get punched in the face. Either way it should make for a fun night.

Can't wait for this one.

For more deets check out the facebook group or event or cruise on over to the Party By Jake website.

EC - Style is a Language

Friday, 12 March 2010

You've Got The Love

With this tune getting so much play via the current Florence and the Machine and XX versions we thought it would be fitting to dig up the original.

The original has a very Massive Attack 'Unfinished Sympathy' feel to it in my opinion, which is obviously another classic tune. Check it

EC - Style is a Language

Secret act for Field Day?

EC - Style is a Language

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Neurosonics are blowing my neurons

Holy shit....we're living in the future.

Neurosonics Live from Chris Cairns on Vimeo.

One of my favourite episodes of Futurama was the one where Fry plays the holophone with the Robot Devil's hands. It seemed so unbelievable at the time but Apple will probably bring one out any day now.

EC - Beardyman's holographic head will be in my dreams. That sentence sounds more creepy than it actually is

Tommy Fox - The Way of the Skip

EC - Skip or Die

Monday, 1 March 2010

Half-price sale!!

Goodbye sweet summer. Your days were lazy, your girls were tanned and your parties were wild. You will be missed.

For one week we're taking 50% off everything in the online store for end of summer. Just use the discount code 'AUTUMN'.

Sale will run til Tuesday March 9 and includes free postage on all items (tees, singlets, jeans, hoodies etc).


We'll also be doing Bondi Markets this Sunday with plenty of gear on offer at reduced prices.

At EC everything's negotiable. I'm Yenda Lee, come and meet my team

....or something more original

EC - Style is a Language

Spencer Tunick - The Base

Got naked at the Opera House this morning for a Spencer Tunick installation. Can't wait to see how it all comes out. If you don't know who Spencer Tunick is he is an artist who does things like this:

Thought I would post some Crazy Penis in salute to some of the piercings that people had on display. Not that I was looking....but goddamn didn't that hurt?!

EC - Style is a Language

Update: Some pics from this morning are already starting to surface. Thank you internet.