Friday, 29 January 2010

Summer of Tears in Teen Wolf

Sketch comedy team Summer of Tears re-edit themselves into '80s Michael J Fox film Teen Wolf.

Result = hilarious.

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Lost at E Minor

Let's be honest...the internet is full of a lot of shit. But every now and then you stumble across something that is truly rad and hits the spot and makes you stop and think and sigh and smile. Kind of what I imagine it would be like to dig up a pot of gold in a rubbish tip...but without the rat infestation and creepy trash people. Anyway that's how I felt when first laid eyes on Lost at E Minor.

The online publication is run by a team of worldwide writers and editors that constantly uncover the latest trends in fashion, illustration, websites, music, products, events, film, photography, art, architecture, food, fashion, illustration, websites......ok I know I'm just repeating myself now but when something is this good you gotta do what you gotta do to get your point across.

As well as constant updates with enough cool stuff to procrastinate your way through the next decade, the site is also an online store. And we're pleased to announce Eleventh Commandment is now one of the labels you can find next time you get Lost at E Minor.

EC - Style is a Language

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Avatar v Pocahontas

EC - Avahontas

Daily Lables coming soon!

Eleventh Commandment is stoked to be on board with Daily Labels, an innovative new website that will showcase one unique and exclusive fashion item for sale every 24 hours.

Each day a new product will be released, in limited quantities, that will be available for purchase for that day only.

Along with us, some of the other labels that will be featured include Das Monk, Pete Versus Toby, Who Am Eye, If Toby Could Talk, Love Jungle and Kornerd.

The site is set to launch in March, but if you subscribe now you will receive a $10 voucher to use towards your first purchase. You will also go into the draw to win a $500 shopping voucher.

Jump over to to get involved.

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Saturday, 23 January 2010

Banksy forays into film

Banksy is making a film! Titled 'Exit Through The Gift Shop', it is set to debut at the Sundance Film Festival this weekend.

This is honestly the first time in my entire life that I wished I was in Utah. Might see if I can find a cheap plane ticket and pick me up a nice Morman girl or five while I'm at it.

EC - Style is a Language

Artist profile: MC Shureshock

Anyone that knows anything about dance music in Australia will be aware of MC Shureshock. A weapon on the mic and deadset legend, we thought it was about time we checked in with the man to see what he's been up to.

EC: You've been working on some new tunes lately. What kind of stuff are you focusing on?

SHURESHOCK: I'm working on my drum & bass album with the likes of Danny Rhodes from Brisbane, Greg Packer from Perth and Ritual from Sydney. Drum & bass has been a life-long passion for me but as it has such a small scene in Australia I haven't had a lot of time to work on it in a live sense as I have been focusing on breaks and more recently the fidget styles of house. During my other work I have always worked on my drum & bass MCing at home as it is a great well of inspiration for me. I ended up with loads of songs/lyrics and now is the time to showcase them.

I'm also working on MC Shurshock Live - A live 45-minute hip hop set with MC Samson from Pola Nation. It's what people expect from an MC Shureshock set and will include dub step and drum & bass with local regional DJs and live performers to showcase my new tunes and local talent.

EC: You've also just launched your new website. Tell us about that.

SHURESHOCK: Finally is up and rolling. My best mate Simon Phillips at Visualalchemy helped me to put this up. It's still in refining stages so check it out and let me know what you reckon!

EC: Thanks, will do.

For all info and current gig information visit the new website here.

And here are a couple of pics of Shureshock working his magic. He rocked our in our Gingham Ain't Easy tee at the Space Ibiza Festival on new year's day.

And a cheeky shot of him playing a club gig with Sydney stalwart James Taylor, wearing our Hedonist singlet.

As always you can grab all available Eleventh Commandment gear from our online store.

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Tenzin styling in EC

Here is a rad little clip of our boy Tenzin wearing our Hedonist singlet while dropping his new remix of Foniko - Love Come Down at the Stereosonic Festival. How good is this tune?!

For more Tenzin join his facebook group here. To grab the Hedonist singlet or any of our other pieces jump on up into our online store.

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Big Day Out

Big Day Out kicked off in Sydney this weekend. We're giving it a miss this year but we've been receiving plenty of texts from some of our friends that went along yesterday and today. They'll be having a pretty large party right about now if this footage from Auckland Big Day Out last week is anything to go by.

EC - Bonkers

We're back

Ok so we've been on holidays but now we're back. Needless to say you've missed us terribly. This is some of the stuff we've been up to:

Yes it was an awesome break but now we're back and sinking our teeth into twenty-ten. At the mo we're just finishing off our summer '10/'11 range, all v exciting. It's going to be a big year. Stay tuned.

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