Saturday, 23 January 2010

Artist profile: MC Shureshock

Anyone that knows anything about dance music in Australia will be aware of MC Shureshock. A weapon on the mic and deadset legend, we thought it was about time we checked in with the man to see what he's been up to.

EC: You've been working on some new tunes lately. What kind of stuff are you focusing on?

SHURESHOCK: I'm working on my drum & bass album with the likes of Danny Rhodes from Brisbane, Greg Packer from Perth and Ritual from Sydney. Drum & bass has been a life-long passion for me but as it has such a small scene in Australia I haven't had a lot of time to work on it in a live sense as I have been focusing on breaks and more recently the fidget styles of house. During my other work I have always worked on my drum & bass MCing at home as it is a great well of inspiration for me. I ended up with loads of songs/lyrics and now is the time to showcase them.

I'm also working on MC Shurshock Live - A live 45-minute hip hop set with MC Samson from Pola Nation. It's what people expect from an MC Shureshock set and will include dub step and drum & bass with local regional DJs and live performers to showcase my new tunes and local talent.

EC: You've also just launched your new website. Tell us about that.

SHURESHOCK: Finally is up and rolling. My best mate Simon Phillips at Visualalchemy helped me to put this up. It's still in refining stages so check it out and let me know what you reckon!

EC: Thanks, will do.

For all info and current gig information visit the new website here.

And here are a couple of pics of Shureshock working his magic. He rocked our in our Gingham Ain't Easy tee at the Space Ibiza Festival on new year's day.

And a cheeky shot of him playing a club gig with Sydney stalwart James Taylor, wearing our Hedonist singlet.

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