Sunday, 24 January 2010

Daily Lables coming soon!

Eleventh Commandment is stoked to be on board with Daily Labels, an innovative new website that will showcase one unique and exclusive fashion item for sale every 24 hours.

Each day a new product will be released, in limited quantities, that will be available for purchase for that day only.

Along with us, some of the other labels that will be featured include Das Monk, Pete Versus Toby, Who Am Eye, If Toby Could Talk, Love Jungle and Kornerd.

The site is set to launch in March, but if you subscribe now you will receive a $10 voucher to use towards your first purchase. You will also go into the draw to win a $500 shopping voucher.

Jump over to to get involved.

EC - Style is a Language


  1. sounds exciting! do when know when it will launch?

  2. Sometime in March. I'm sure they'll keep you up to date if you subscribe and take advantage of the voucher