Saturday, 31 January 2009

The Midas Touch

People often ask us if there was one person we would want wearing EC who would it be? Well we're not really down with sheep who blindly wear whatever look they think is hot just because they've seen David Beckham or Britney Spears running it. The Eleventh Commandment customer leads the trend, they do not follow it. As such we wouldn't really care if we saw Paris Hilton strutting down the street in one of our pieces (although it would be hilarious).

The type of person we would want to see rocking our gear would be someone creative, independent, respected, versatile and effortlessly stylish. And to us no one epitomises these qualities like Ed Banger head honcho Pedro Winter - better known as Busy P.

While Busy P might not be the most recognised face on the planet, he has more class and charisma than 99% of the Hollywood pan-flashes combined. As the former manager of Daft Punk and the man who discovered and signed Justice, he can take a lot of credit for the success of these two iconic dance-music powerhouses.

In homage to Mr Winter we created a design called the Midas Touch, with Busy holding a golden robot (representing Daft Punk) and a golden cross (representing Justice). Busy was recently in Australia for a string of summer parties and we had the pleasure of meeting the man and showing him our handiwork.

If you were lucky enough to be at the Macquarie Street stage for Sydney Festival First Night you would have witnessed the debaucherous antics of Busy P along with fellow Ed Banger maestro DJ Mehdi and local legends Gus Da Hoodratt and Jaime Doom.

You would have also seen Busy bust out in our Midas Touch singlet, which looked a little something like this...

But back to the main question: who would we want to see wearing EC?

Well we've ticked Busy P off the list now so next step: Barack Obama.

EC - Don't think it won't happen

For more on Busp P jump up in here or here. Or to sign a petition to bring Busy and the Ed Banger crew back to Australia for the Parklife tour click here.

Pictures courtesy of Gauthier Chastenet De Gery at lazzydigger.


  1. you guys are lame.

  2. haha that's rad. nice work

  3. Busy P is the man

    ps leaving anonymous negative comments on blogs is the epitome of lame