Saturday, 6 February 2010

Fresh Prints (of Bel-Air)

Yo yo yo we've just released a bunch of brand new prints to style you up for the last weeks of summer, but they are limited so get in quick. To add any of these threads to your arsenal just click on the picture and it will take you through to our online store. Otherwise hit up your local stockist.

KRUNK IT OUT. Also available on women's singlets.

PARTY CHECKLIST. Also available on men's singlets and women's singlets.


We also have an extremely limited supply of these killer women's Rhapsody in Blue jeans.

I fell down some stairs on my way home last night. I like to think it was more due to the fact that it was raining than the fact that I was somewhat inebriated. Anyway to cut a long story short we're giving away one free singlet or tee of your choice (provided we have it in stock). All you have to do is use the word 'slippery' in a sentence. Email your submission to and we'll choose the best entry.

And here's some tunes to keep you entertained while you think:

EC - Style is a Language


  1. amanda likes chips5:59 pm, February 06, 2010

    luv the new stuff!! wish you were giving away more than one freebie though! i'm trying to come up with a good sentence but i'm not very creative with these sort of things :(
    might just have to dig out the ol' credit card hehe

  2. Hey Amanda we would like to have offered more for the giveaway but there are only a limited number of these styles available so we couldn't spare many. Glad you like them though

  3. how long till more purpetrators? really keen

  4. If you click your heels together three times and email us at with your name and size we just might be able to sort you out with some Purpetrators x

  5. Congratulations to Renee who earned herself some free threads by emailing in to let us know that she is slippery when wet. Booyakasha