Thursday, 23 September 2010

Leon Botha

Leon Botha is a South African artist who also suffers from the premature ageing disorder progeria. The life expectancy for the average progeria victim is only 12.6 years. Botha is 25.

Botha also features in the Die Antwoord video for their song 'Ninja'...which is a spectacle in itself if you're so inclined to check it out. I purposely haven't provided a link though because I'm really not sure Die Antwoord is something I want to encourage.

EC- Style is a Language


  1. Hello Leon - you are a great Humen ;) Doing now

  2. Great strenght. Good luck Leon. I'm thinking of you. Karolina

  3. physical reality is an illusion.we are all one.... until the last proton decays. much love leo

  4. if Leon is actually receiving this, Leon please contact me if you can find the time. (please take no offense to my email address)