Friday, 4 February 2011

End of summer sale

Use the discount code 'HEATWAVE' to get 50% off in the online store right now. Enter the online store.

Scientists have proven that you should shop because shopping releases endorphins that make you feel good. And you can't argue with scientists. They invented global warming and use big words like aerolithology so you better do what they say.

Anyway, with discounts like this can you really afford not to take advantage of the offer?*

EC - Style is a Language

*That is a serious questions. Don't look at me for the answer. It's not like I have access to your bank account and wardrobe. That would just be creepy. But go and have a look for yourself and then think long and hard about it. Maybe in a corner, or outside with a nice breeze. Next to some flowers. With a cold glass of gin and tonic. Mmmm....gin and tonic.

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