Friday, 16 December 2011

Last day to get your Shout on

Our Shout Outs comp is finishing today. This is your last chance to take a swig from our pint of xmas cheer.

You can scroll down to the post below for all the details. Also, as an extra bonus, I have penned a shitty poem just for you. On the surface it would appear to be about the weather. But if you dig a little deeper... wait, no, still about the weather.


This xmas it might snow
But it probably won't you know
I might ask my friend Joe
To watch the weather show

Or maybe it will rain
On summer's parade again
That would be a pain
This poem is inane

But hopefully the sun
Will want to have some fun
We'll sing and dance and run
I'll dress up like a nun

Or it just might be haily
It's getting colder daily
My words are getting faily
I fucking hate Tim Bailey

EC - Freestyle Friday

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