Thursday, 9 February 2012

So this is goodbye

After 98 sleepless nights, 71 flashes of inspiration, 67 bad ideas, 54 new stockists, 40 complaints from conservative clowns, 36 chance meetings, 21 group hugs, 19 arguments with suppliers, 13 cases of Reschs, 8 tantrums, 4 years of ridiculously hard work, 3 plans to escape to a desert island and 2 out of body experiences, the time has come to put Eleventh Commandment to bed.

It certainly has been 1 wild ride.

2012 is a year full of promise and we are off to explore new opportunities. But not before we say thank you.

Thanks for letting us indulge in our stupid ideas, talk shit on the interwebs, play way too much music, pass judgement on attractive people, get overly excited, gatecrash your party, make lots of videos, crack onto your sister, run ridiculous competitions and disappoint your mum when she did your laundry and saw what you had written on your t-shirt. It has been a pleasure.

To everyone that purchased an Eleventh Commandment garment over the years, we hope it holds a special place in your wardrobe. It was made with blood, sweat, tears, elbow grease, vinegar, hope and plenty of love. Or maybe that was applesauce. We sometimes get the ingredients mixed up when we are really hungover.

Either way, we are eternally grateful for your support and hope you enjoyed the journey as much as we did.

We have reduced what little remaining stock we have left in the online store to just $20 + postage. Have at it before it’s all gone.

You never know where we will pop up in the future, but for now the label will be put on hold indefinitely. Muchas gracias y buenas noches x

R.I.P Eleventh Commandment
20.08.08 – 09.02.12


  1. Eleventh Commandment will be greatly missed.
    As for now, woo-hoo for the sale!