Monday, 13 July 2009

Sydney Street Style

So we went adventuring the other day trying to capture some of the style on Sydney's streets. We're going to be doing this more often to see if we can document the emergence (and death) of various trends. It's also an excuse to look at pretty people.

The main lesson that came out of the first installment is that guys are all over the girls when it comes to fashion at the moment. We would have expected the opposite but we saw about three stylish dudes for every one trendy lolita. Lift your game ladies.

What do you think of the looks? (Comment below)

All photos courtesy of Joshua Oldfield.

EC - Style is a Language


  1. dude in the trenchcoat is the best. humphrey bogart 2.0

  2. Stoopid parking cops. i hate you

  3. last one doesn't count. hes ginger

  4. last guy owns. screw you anonymous!

  5. yeah props to the ranga he wears it well

  6. the ginger lad is (namedrop) Ash Le Rouge (/namedrop) yeh hes a cool person that probably doesnt judge others by their hair colour... nice blog by the way Henry

    peace and love

  7. Cheers Marco!!

    if you speak to Ash you should tell him to check this out...looks like he's got a few fans. We only met him for a few seconds but he seemed like a good dude. we'll def snap his pic again if we see him on the street next time