Friday, 24 July 2009

Road Trip!!!

We're bailing town today to go to Splendour in the Grass in Byron Bay this weekend and then cruise further north to visit a bunch of stores in Queensland. So pumped!!

It means we probs won't be able to update this for a couple of weeks...sorry. But if you all behave we might come back with a whole lot of pretty pictures.

For all you fashion-forward Queenslanders that have been screaming at us to get up there, not much longer now. We've received a stack of emails asking where our banana-bending brethren can find our stuff north of the border. We'll hit you with the deets asap.

In the meantime here are a couple of clips for your end-of-week pleasure: A wrap from Splendour last year as well as the introduction to PNAU's mind-blowing set. Enjoy.

EC - Style is a Language


  1. about time!!!!! there are lots of good stores up here that your stuff would be perfect for

  2. How awesome were Flaming LIps and Yatch Cclub deejays?? blew my mind

    can't wait for Splendour next yr

    MGMT were disappointing though