Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Fuck Ed Hardy

We're not really haters. In fact we're pretty supportive of most things and are generally pretty positive. But deadset how shit is Ed Hardy?!

On the weekend I was on the Gold Coast and had the displeasure of seeing a dude rocking an Ed Hardy tee, Von Dutch jeans and Crocs. I shit you not. I was this close to ripping my eyeballs out of my skull to stop the pain.

Apparently we're not the only ones who feel this way, with Dirt Nasty (of the Mickey Avalon crew) recently releasing a new track, aptly titled 'Fuck Ed Hardy'. Brilliant.

And for all those playing at home - the road trip was rad and we'll be adding a bunch of wicked stores to our stockist list very soon. Stay tuned.

EC - Style is a Language


  1. people who wear ed hardy should be segregated from the rest of society. i'm sorry, but it's true

  2. WOW harsh. i spose no ppl that wear Ed Hardy would look at this site so you can say whatever you want...but still

    what do you expect from the gold caost though hehehe