Monday, 31 August 2009

Burning Man

The 2009 Burning Man festival kicks off today. Approximately 50,000 people will converge on a remote section of the Black Rock Desert in Northern Nevada for one week of art, debauchery and frivolity, culminating in the burning of an 85-foot sculpture. It is often said that trying to properly describe Burning Man to someone that has never been would be like trying to explain what a particular colour looks like to a blind person...but think Woodstock v Mad Max.

It's one of the top destinations on our list of places to visit before we die. If you want to know more about Burning Man check out this article that the one and only Mark Morford just published.

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  1. Event of Burning Man Festival is life changing, dynamic & influencing expression ever felt on the earth. On Nevada’s black rock dessert, it’s a spiritual, arty & counter-ethnic annual event, which disappears without traces over a period of time. From ritualistic personal experience to sightseeing, it’s event for everyone. To know more, refer:

  2. well said. and we liked the travel front article too. did you attend this year?