Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Sydney State of Mind

Yeah I'm outta Blacktown, now I'm in Maroubra
Right next to the Seals, I'm Sydney forever
Used to live in Newtown, couldn't dig the people there
With their crazy coloured hair, could always see their underwear

So I hit up Caringbah, did my time at Bizzos
Saw some good bands, did some talking with my fists though
Started work at Panthers, uniforms an insult
Still remembered as the only Tiger Woods of aqua golf

Cruising down George Street in my brother's Rexxy
Stop at Scu-Bar, find a tourist who will sex me
Head on up to Parra, buy a car on Church Street
Go to Peter Wynn's and get a Jarryd Hayne bed sheet

Say what's up to Curl Curl, you're my whole world world
Hanging at the surf club trying to meet myself a surfer girl
Finish up at Kogarah, eating at that Sizzler
Hope for Marto that the season's not a fizzer in...

In Sydney
We all use the toll roads to get home
It costs us fortune
Out in Sydney
Frontbench that controls our Premier
Cause no one here knows her
Let's hear it for Sydney, Sydney, Sydney

You can catch me up at Leichhardt at a Tigers game
Sirro made the Tigers strip more famous than a Benji can
Head onto Chullora, where my crew is all good
We have a dead centre in our town, we call it Rookwood

Welcome now to Lindfield, got a mad leaf feel
Send the kids to private schools our version of keep it real
Light Rail, Monorail, City Rail, they all late
It's not the timing that's the issue, it's the smell we hate

Find myself in Smithfield, where Harry Kewell started
Near the R-y, feeling starry, get red carded
Man I got to plug Revesby Workers it's the best
And this shit ain't an ad, that's for members and their guests

Pup and Lara, Clover's choker
Every single pub has organised poker
North Bondi's expensive and that's just Italian
Can hear 'em sniffing in the toilets talking fashion

In Sydney,
Our funniest hill is Rooty
The R-y's a beauty
Out in Sydney,
Go catch some rays in the domain
Watch bankers play ball games
Let's hear it for Sydney, Sydney, Sydney

EC - Love you Sydney x x

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