Friday, 20 August 2010

Eleventh Commandment turns 2 today!!

Yep it's been a wild journey but we've somehow made it through the first two years. Over the next 12 months we will likely have lots of temper tantrums and maybe even learn to go to the toilet on our own but for now we're fiendishly shoving cake in our face cos it's our birthday and we'll cry if we want to.

Granted you'll probably want to shower us with gifts to celebrate the occasion but at EC we're all about your pleasure, not ours. So instead of rushing out and spending your hard earned on shiny pretty things for us why don't you reward yourself instead by heading into our online store and picking yourself out something special. That way it will be a present for both of us.

Prices are reduced and everything must go to make room for all the new summer stock we've got coming in. Jump in and help yourself.

Now we're 2 we must be old enough to do this...

And since it is our birthday and we're high on sugar if you email with a nice b'day message we might even hit you back with a juicy 60% off discount code. But it will only be valid for 24 hours so you better get in quick.

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