Saturday, 7 August 2010


Remember that time when everyone on Earth went to Splendour except me?? Well maybe not everyone on Earth but that's what it feels like. Some pretty hilarious photos have popped up on facey over the past week from my friends that lost their minds at Splendour last weekend. But by far the funniest is this one taken by my friend Jen, who found a random passed out near her campsite and decided to leave him a message.

If you are this dude and can prove it get in touch and we'll give you a free tee or singlet for making our day. We might even throw in a photo of Jen so you can decide if you want to call the number.

EC - Style is a Language

ps You will...she is banging


  1. Jen is about to get a whole lot of attention - you may regret posting that pic mate!

  2. Jen is fkn awesome, she deserves all the attention she gets x