Saturday, 16 October 2010

Taxicab Poetry

On the way to Parklife a few weeks back the girl and I were lucky enough to hitch a ride with the best cab driver ever. Far from the typical angry foreign middle-aged male cabbie that I usually seem to lure, Chris Walters was a cheery woman that also happened to be an amateur poet. And for the brief ride to the event she entertained with a rendition of a poem she had written for her friend, singer Gail Page.

Afterwards we asked her to send us the poem, which she did. We then called the cab company and told them it was the best cab ride we ever had and that she should get a raise.

Here is my favourite verse of her poem:

In deep rich tones of smokey honey blue
I bet this woman gets right inside of you
From the fathoms of the oceans
She stirs your emotions
Circling like a shark
Just before dark
You feel all your senses as if you have only been born
And it seems that your soul has really been torn
you feel so alive though something has died
all you really want is some place to hide
Just when you think there isnt any harm
There is only calm
Her voice rises through the ashes like a Phoenix with power
Then she cuts through the stratosphere
There's no moment like now
Soaring into the heavens I'm lost with her soul
It seems all my organs are orbiting out of control
With tears in my eyes
I hear My Thunderbird's cries
And like a wounded creature I let out a moan
Gail is undoubtedly in a league of her own
I whisper her name, it echoes into the night
And I pray for her dreams with all of my might

And a video of Gail Page doing her thing:

For more on Gail head over here. For more on Chris head to the closest footpath, stick your thumb out and hope for the best.

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