Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Dirty Laundrette

If you're cruising around Surry Hills anytime this summer you should stick your head into a new pop-up store called Dirty Laundrette. The crew there have nabbed some prime real estate on the corner of Crown and Campbell and have picked up a bunch of wicked labels such as Insight, Flux, Fortunes Fool and of course ourselves.

If you head in there in the next couple of weeks you'll also be able to check out a window display we've done for the store.

Or you could just look at the pictures below and tell people you've been to the shop if anyone asks. But the pictures don't really do it justice and that'd make you a liar, so it's probs best to just get off your ass and go pay Dirty Laundrette a visit.

EC - Style is a Language

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