Thursday, 12 November 2009

Eleventh Commandment on Radio Metro tonight

"Flick your radio on to 105.7 tonight between (7 - 7.30pm QLD time / 8 - 8.30pm NSW time) for an interview with Henry Holland from label Eleventh Commandment."

It's not every day you get a message recommending you listen to an interview with yourself, but that's the message I just got.

Yep I'm going to be interviewed on the Gold Coast's Radio Metro, which is by far Queensland's greatest radio station and possibly most powerful media outlet (as far as we know).

The interview is taking place in the lead up to tomorrow night's Night of Fashion bonanza at the Ruby Tramp in celebration of the launch of No Name Lane. If you're in the area make sure you get on down to this event - there will be fashion shows, giveaways, pretty people, alcohol...all the ingredients for a night to (try to) remember.

The Down & Dirty DJs will be playing as well, which is reason enough to get involved. Those boys always bring the party.

If you're keen to tune into the interview tonight you can catch it on Gold Coast freqency 105.7 or jump onto the Radio Metro page ( and click 'Listen Now'.

Don't know why I'm the one being interviewed though...Josh is the one with the face for radio.

EC - Style is a Language

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