Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Kill Your Idols

Recently we got word that one of the dudes in Australian Idol was wearing our gear. Naturally we jumped on his bandwagon and wanted him to win the comp.

- Stan Walker in Treble in Paradise singlet:

But then the following week this chick rocked out in our I Heart Boobies singlet.

- Hayley Warner in I Heart Boobies singlet:

Now we're in somewhat of a dilema, kind of like what I imagine a parent faces when they are forced to choose between two children (albeit two children they don't care about all that much). So probably more like choosing between two step-children.

This analogy is quickly running out of steam, but the point is whoever wears the most Eleventh Commandment proddy in the final will get our undying love and adoration. And the other one will have to go and live with their weird uncle Remus.

EC - Style is a Language

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