Wednesday, 2 June 2010

CIT photography exhibition

Our friend Georgia Perry aka Tricky G will be showcasing some of her work at the upcoming Canberra Institute of Technology photography exhibition. It'll be a great chance to see the amazing work of talented young Canberrans while they are still enthusiastic and optimistic and before they all give up their dreams of forging careers in creative industries and march with their tails between their legs to get dead-end jobs in the public service.

Obviously I jest. Some will just go straight on the dole.

Joking! I'm sure my cynicism won't hide the fact that I'm actually quite jealous of these shutterbugs as they're all much more talented with a camera than I'll ever be. Now if only I could segue back from this tangent about the public service to the exhibition at hand. How about...'If you are a member of the PUBLIC do yourself a SERVICE and attend this exhibition'. Yeah that should do it. Seamless.

This is one of the prints Georgia will have on display:

If you're around Canberra you should definitely check this out.

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