Monday, 21 June 2010

Rip It Up giveaway!!

Want to nab yourself some free Eleventh Commandment gear? Yeah me too but Josh has locked me out of our warehouse these days after he found out about my little kleptomania problem...

Anyway if you like getting your free gear the honest way you can jump over here to Rip It Up magazine's competition page. We've combined with the sexy team there to give you the chance to win yourself some free threadage.

I like to think Rip It Up mag took their name from '80s Scottish post-punk band Orange Juice...or more specifically their second album 'Rip It Up'. But hey I also like to think Miranda Kerr is going to realise we're meant to be together and profess her undying love for me so in both cases I'm probably wrong.

EC - Style is a Language

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