Sunday, 18 July 2010

Fashion Review feature

We're currently being featured on Fashion Review, which is probably the best Australian fashion directory around. It has info on pretty much every label you can think of as well as interviews and other exclusives.

We were lucky enough to be interviewed last week. It all started out alright but towards the end I start rambling some shit about us having super powers or something. I must have been tired and emotional.

Check it out here.

If I could choose a super power I would probably go with time travel. Everyone at Woodstock would freak out at the sight of my Delorean.

What would you choose?

EC- Style is a Language


  1. If you need the delorean that's not really a super power

  2. that being said it's still a pritty cool idea. i would go with xray vision or invisibility. that would be fucking sick

  3. Everyone would choose immortality. If you wouldn't you're a moron