Saturday, 17 July 2010

My friend is looking for a job

My mate Rossy is looking for a job and has decided to use the internet to help him by starting this here blog.

He recently applied for a job as a travel writer for a company that deals exclusively with holidays to Taiwan. As part of the process they asked him for a submission of his work. This is what he wrote:

Taiwan Why Don’t you ‘Tri-it-on’

Sun swept beaches, glistening bodies and bikini’s as far as the eye can see. Where are we, Hawaii? Santorini? Broad Beach? No, no and no, the answer is the next boom holiday destination for the Western world!
Taiwan, is set to be the next big boom location for all fun loving holiday makers. Labelled the new Bali by (persons unknown), Taiwan has it all for would be travel makers. Governed by the Chinese since 1945 (the only thing I know about Taiwan) Taiwan means, place that is a nice place in which to make a holiday in chinese, and has been a popular holiday spot for many people for a long time (probably).
With Taipei one of the most modern and forward thinking cities as the capitol, possibilities are endless for holiday makers in their quest for fun. John resident of Taipei and general person says “Taipei is great, we are the capitol”. With such a rich vibrant community and feel Taipei is the perfect spot for shopping, relaxing or any other holiday activities that you might be interested in.
With flights starting from as little as 1000 dollars (or there abouts) now is the perfect time to book and enjoy your self in Asia’s favourite new and upcoming destination. Book now and save with (*****) travel soon you will be having the time of your life.

I know you're probably thinking that they hired him on the spot but at last check he is still unemployed. If you are the owner of a company and are seeking a highly motivated and semi-literate employee then you should totally get in touch with him. Here are some career paths that I think he would be suited to:

-Male porn boom-mic operator
-Lollipop man (at traffic crossing or otherwise)
-Scientific experiment guinea pig
-Leader of the Opposition
-Human crash-test dummy
-Brad Pitt ass-double

Here is a picture of Rossy and I. I can't remember when or where.

Here is a picture of Rossy and his gay lover Ronald*.

*Name changed for privacy reasons.

I was tempted to post some more incriminating photos but Rossy has plenty of shit on me so I refrained. Anyway I've kind of gone off track with this post...and to be honest I can't even remember why I started writing it.

Oh yeah that's right...seriously if you're an employer looking for a wordsmith you should hire this man:

EC - Style is a Language

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