Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Foxy Lady

Megan Fox is sexy. I will fight you if you disagree with me. With my fists. No weapons though...that would be cowardly and one of us might get seriously injured.

Anywho being that she is one of our favourite girls we've decided to feature her on tees and singlets this summer. This is a hand-drawn sketch and will be available for both guys and girls.

If you're still not convinced...check this out

Megan Fox by Greg Williams for Esquire HD from Greg Williams on Vimeo.

Some people are lucky. Like the dude that filmed the above footage. Not sure of his probably said it in the credits but my vision had gone blurry by then.

Or the guy that filmed this next masterpiece. Yeah...pretty lucky

Ties back in nicely with our stuff cos Miranda is another girl that we've featured before, with our Country Girl print. We've only got one XL women's Country Girl singlet left and it's going for a steal. Just 10 measly clams (or dollars, as the case may be) + postage for this one. Click on the below image for proof.

But it won't last long so get in quick if you want to be 'lucky last'. Oh snap...see what I did there?!

And I'm spent.

EC - Style is a Language

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