Saturday, 31 July 2010

I'm Selling Some Speakers

I wonder if Karl Lagerfeld uses the Chanel website to flog old shit that he doesn't want any more? Probably not. Maybe he occasionally throws up something from his old wardrobe to make a cheeky ten grand. Although it would be difficult to accrue an old wardrobe when you always wear the same thing. Seriously the dude must just be like Superman but instead of a cupboard full of red and blue spandex and capes he has hanger after hanger of enormous collars and leather gloves.

Anyway I'm not Karl Lagerfeld and this isn't the Chanel website so I can use it to flog off my old shit.

Exhibit A: These speakers.

I've chucked them up on eBay, starting price only $10.

This is what I wrote:

Akai speakers, still in box and covering.

BRAND SPANKING NEW. As in never used. Not once. Ever.

THESE SPEAKERS HAVE MAGIC POWERS. They can cure cancer and will also cook you dinner if you are feeling lonely. But probably no seafood dishes as they are allergic to shellfish.

These speakers sound equally good whether you are playing Frank Sinatra or those secret audio recordings you made of your room-mate freak.

They sound especially good if you read them bedtime stories and sometimes hold them close to your bosom as you lie next to a roaring fire in winter.

Box not in great condition as has been sitting in a garage but speakers are FLAWLESS. That's FLAWLESS with a capital F. And capitals for all the other letters as well.

Selling due to unwanted gift.


Q: How loud can I play Metallica on these speakers?
A: I don't know. The speakers have never been used. It says that up the top. Learn to read dickhead.

Q: Would my Justin Bieber album sound good on these speakers?
A: No. Justin Bieber wouldn't sound good on any speakers. Ever.

Q: Who should I vote for in the upcoming election?
A: That's not really a question appropriate for this forum. But suffice it to say Tony Abbott is a moron.

Pickup from Glebe in Sydney. Or you can send your own carrier pigeons to collect but they are relatively heavy so make sure you send enough pigeons.

Some more pretty pictures:

To buy them click here or email I'll even throw in the models.

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